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Energy reading single session

This distance energy treatment is perfect for connecting with your body, energy and inner wisdom.

  • 30 min.
  • 88 euro
  • Online meeting

Beschrijving van de dienst

Gain insight on you energetic system, get your questions answered and check in with you inner wisdom, bodily wisdom and subtle body. Reiki master teacher and experienced energy worker and teacher Lilly van Viegen will connect through time and space to your system (both physical and non-physical) to check in with, adjust, and realign your frequency, answer your questions, and deliver the messages that need your attention. Lilly is skilled in: - Energy reading - Reiki healing - Energetic system scan - Scanning the physical body - Frequency work - Connecting with guides, spirit animals and higher self & higher beings. - Discernment - Working with negative polarity energy - Interpreting messages / channeling information and translating this back to the client Lilly also works with: - Past life integration - Karmic relationships/ cutting cords - Guiding clients in working with their own energy and systems - Multidimensional time energy splitting /integration Are you ready to gain insight into your own system, powers and patterns? Are you ready for your truth and to actually live it? You are, aren't you? :) YES, and I SEE YOU. Note: this is not a healing treatment only. Healing will be sent if necessary and will be automatically applied as needed (that's how Reiki energy works), but this is not a fix-me treatment. Your intention is leading in this energy work and necessary inspired action on the receiving end needs to be taken in order to make your intentions real. How it works: 1. Book your session and we will see each other via Zoom. We will discuss your intentions for both the short term and long term 2. Get comfortabel. 3. We connect in a safe space with the set intention for the session. Experience the work consciously; feel free to journal throughout the session or just to fully surrender and relax. Both are fine :) 4. We check back in with each other and debrief.


Annuleren of wijzigen kan tot 24 uur van tevoren.


Van Reenenweg 57, Zeist, Netherlands

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